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To preserve a livable climate, greenhouse-gas emissions must be reduced by half by 2030 and to net zero by 2050. Bold, fast, and wide-ranging action needs to be taken by governments and businesses. But the transition to a low-carbon world also requires the participation of citizens – especially in advanced economies.

ActNow is the United Nations campaign for individual action on climate change and sustainability.

Every one of us can help limit global warming and take care of our planet. By making choices that have less harmful effects on the environment, we can be part of the solution and influence change.

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Climate Actions
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Start with ten impactful actions

Our lifestyles have a profound impact on our planet. Our choices matter. Around two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions are linked to private households. The electricity we use, the food we eat, the way we travel, and the things we buy all contribute to a person’s “carbon footprint,” the amount of greenhouse gas emissions associated with an individual’s activities.

Start with these ten actions to help tackle the climate crisis. For more tips, to calculate your carbon footprint and to log your actions, download the app.


unplug icon

Save energy at home

ride on bicycle icon

Walk, bike, or take public transport

plate with carrot icon

Eat more vegetables

take the train icon

Consider your travel

cut food waste icon

Throw away less food

recycle icon

Reduce, reuse, repair, recycle

renewable energy icon

Change your home's source of energy

electric vehicle icon

Switch to an electric vehicle

Make your money count icon

Make your money count

speak up icon

Speak up

Learn More

Photocomposition: a house, a water tap on the top, and a power plug on the right low corner

Much of our electricity and heat are still powered by coal, oil, and gas. How can you reduce the carbon footprint of your home? Find out here.

Photocomposition: a collage of means of transportation: a bus besides of a bicycle, both on top of a train

Airplanes and cars run mostly on polluting fossil fuels. Learn about sustainable transport options that can reduce your impact on the climate.

Photocomposition: the black and white version of the globe, with sprouts coming out of it, and a watering can above it

The production, transport and disposal of food all contribute to greenhouse gasses. Find out about choices that are good for you and the planet.

In the Spotlight

#MyClimateAction: People driving change

Have a look at a powerful exhibit of photos from around the world, collected by the Agora mobile app for worldwide awards. It puts a spotlight on climate action being taken by people everywhere, showcasing solutions and inspiring change.

ActNow joins forces with Whatsapp to promote individual climate action

A new messaging service on Whatsapp suggests everyday actions that users can take to tackle the climate crisis.

Read more here

Speak Up!

Speak up and get others to join in taking action. It's one of the quickest and most effective ways to make a difference. Talk about climate change. Urge your city, bank and employer to go green. Appeal to leaders to act now.

Mobile App

ActNow App screens

Learn more, track your habits and see your impact

Make the shift to a more sustainable lifestyle. The mobile app by AWorld – because there is no planet B – allows you to choose and track a set of sustainable habits, and see the impact you are making in terms of CO2, water and electricity saved. You can also take educational journeys, engage in group challenges, get tips and take quizzes, all geared toward living more sustainably.

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Videos from ActNow supporters around the world

Actress Ella Gross invites you to join the ActNow movement! Now is a great time to start.

Lucas Di Grassi, UNEP Clean Air Advocate and Formula E Champion

Paying a visit to the UN Headquarters in New York City, Lucas Di Grassi discussed how a transition to electric mobility can lead to better air quality and a green future.

Grace Ramirez, chef

Famous chef Grace Ramirez talks about being sustainable in all parts of your life, and shares her tips on how to be climate conscious