Rose Konga married at 18 years, suffered obstetric fistula for 21 years. She has now received treatment and regained her dignity, thanks to UNFPA and partners. ©UNFPA South Sudan
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Twenty Years of Progress Is Not Enough: We Must Act Now to End Obstetric Fistula

Bridget Asiamah

Obstetric fistula can be prevented when there is access to quality, comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services and information. Equally important to ending the condition is the availability and access to treatment when it occurs.

Bryan Stevenson

Countering the Legacy of Enslavement with Hope and Justice

As the world’s preeminent international organization, the United Nations is the only institution that can connect the multiple players and partners implicated in the global tragedy of the transatlantic trade in enslaved Africans. It is thus appropriate and important that an institution like the United Nations take up the legacy issues surrounding the trade in enslaved Africans and centralize the importance of the story.

Forest biodiversity in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, Ecuador, 28 February 2019. Fährtenleser, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons
Edward Norton

Protecting the Tree of Life: The Path Forward

Though we humans share the earth with the rest of its life forms, and we are an integrated part of its biodiversity, we have an outsized impact on the health of the planet. Recognizing our footprint and working earnestly towards sustainable existence within these systems, rather than dominating or destroying them, is the looming challenge of the twenty-first century.

Richard Gowan

The United Nations General Assembly Can Do More to Address Threats to Peace and Security

Historically, the General Assembly has played a large role in peace and security in periods when the Security Council is severely divided.

An argan tree in a valley near Tafraoute, Morocco. Photo: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen/Wikimedia Commons
Omar Hilale

Cultivation of the Argan Tree Can Help Combat Climate Change and Support Sustainable Development

The proclamation of the International Day of Argania by the General Assembly reflects the mobilization of the international community around the important cause of safeguarding and preserving the argan tree. The Day is an invitation to promote, share and celebrate this legendary tree, and to make its cultivation a sustainable socioeconomic lever for local communities.

Dutch tall sailing ship Oosterschelde near Cabo Verde, 2012. Photographer: Arthur Smeets.  © Shipping Company ‘Oosterschelde’
Stewart McPherson

The DARWIN200 Global Voyage

A decade in the making, the DARWIN200 project centres on inspiring a new wave of exceptional environmental leaders by training and empowering some of the world’s top young (from 18 to 25 years of age) conservationists.

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Runners from 88 countries gathered in New York on 1 November 2003 to participate in the International Friendship Run, a four-mile course to Central Park. Many of the runners carried their national flags. UN Photo/Evan Schneider
Pegah Zohouri Haghian

Celebrating the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

The United Nations acknowledges sport’s role as a vehicle for building and sustaining peace through its capacity for dialogue and trust-building, and in the way it promotes tolerance and respect (SDG 16).

Creating gender-inclusive digital economies requires inclusive tools, services and technical assistance. © Li Nan/
Mariana Lopez and Karima Wardak

The Digital Last Mile: Where the Achievement of Human Rights, Sustainable Development and Women’s Empowerment Meet

As the United Nations catalytic finance entity for the world’s 46 least developed countries, one of the critical tasks of the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) is supporting the creation of gender-inclusive digital economies. But achieving this objective calls for more than innovative tools and digital infrastructure. It requires a committed civil society, inclusive policymaking, and platforms that incentivize service providers as well as end users.

Storm clouds and lightning, Mykolaiv, Ukraine, 19 June 2021. From the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) 2023 Calendar Competition. Yurii Bershadskiy/WMO
Petteri Taalas

The Future of Weather, Climate and Water across Generations

For the past 150 years, National Meteorological and Hydrological Services have collected and standardized data which underpin the weather forecasts we now take for granted. The history of WMO data exchange is a success story of scientific collaboration and coordination to save lives and livelihoods.

The population of the southern regions of Madagascar has historically suffered multiple deprivations, a situation that has become a humanitarian crisis due to the impact of El Niño. © UNICEF/Lalaina Raoelison
Gilbert F. Houngbo

Take Time to Reflect on Water

We need two things to happen at once: the United Nations must take the global lead on water as a critical issue, and water must be mainstreamed across all other intergovernmental processes related to sustainable development.

Chronicle Conversations

Chronicle Conversation: Stéphane Jean, 18 May 2022

In the context of the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers (29 May 2022), the UN Chronicle talks with Mr. Stéphane Jean, a Judicial Officer and Coordinator in the United Nations Department of Peace Operations, about his work and the Organization's renewed efforts to bring to justice perpetrators of crimes committed against peacekeepers, including the crime of murder.

Youth Issues

The UN Chronicle interviews youth environmental activist Aditya Mukarji

Lyubov Ginzburg of the UN Chronicle interviews fifteen-year-old environmental activist Aditya Mukarji on the problem of plastic pollution and the first-ever United Nations Youth Climate Action Summit. 22 September 2019, New York

Legacy Showcase

Vol. LIII No. 2 2016

Sport Aims for the Goals

It is well known that physical activity improves personal health and well-being, but the benefits of sport to society are less apparent. This issue of the Chronicle explores the ways in which sport can enable individuals and communities to build a stronger, more harmonious world.

New Technologies: Where To?
Vol. LV Nos. 3 & 4 2018

New Technologies: Where To?

This issue focuses on new technologies and their potential benefits for humanity as well as their expanding use in advancing the 2030 Agenda. It explores the promise of our digital age, while posing important questions about where these technologies are leading us, and how their misuse could also lead to increased inequality and conflict.

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Construction of UN Permanent Headquarters in New York, 1 August 1950. UN Photo/ES