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Our Common Agenda is an agenda of action, designed to strengthen and accelerate multilateral agreements – particularly the 2030 Agenda – and make a tangible difference to people’s lives. Translating its recommendations into action will require action by the Member States of the United Nations, supported by the United Nations system and other stakeholders.

Many proposals in Our Common Agenda will be implemented through existing processes and forums, including those relating to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our Common Agenda is aimed at addressing the crises we face head on, so that we can turbocharge the implementation of Agenda 2030, rescue the SDGs and get them back on track before it is too late.


Delivering Our Common Agenda

The submission of the Our Common Agenda report was welcomed by the General Assembly in November 2021 (A/RES/76/6), as a basis for further Member State discussion.


Informal thematic consultations by the General Assembly took place in February and March 2022. The President of the General Assembly then issued guidance on the way forward, pointing the way for the implementation of the report’s recommendations at the national, regional and global levels.

Member States agreed to hold the Summit of the Future on 22-23 September 2024. Practical consultations on preparations for the Summit also began in February 2023, spearheaded by co-facilitators, the Permanent Representatives of Germany and Namibia to the UN. The President of the General Assembly convenes all co-facilitators in a monthly meeting of the General Committee to coordinate their work.

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Photo: The General Assembly holds consultations on the report of the Secretary-General on "Our Common Agenda" ©UN Photo/Evan Schneider

Over the next few years a number of proposed important milestones will drive intergovernmental action and help deliver Our Common Agenda:

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In support of these milestones, the President of the General Assembly of the 77th Session has appointed or intends to appoint co-facilitators to advance different aspects of Our Common Agenda:



Find a full list of mandates here.

Speeches and Updates by the Secretary-General


The Secretary-General provides regular updates to Member States on developments and implementation of Our Common Agenda.

High-level Advisory Board on Effective Multilateralism

The Secretary-General also appointed a High-level Advisory Board on Effective Multilateralism (HLAB) to provide suggestions on ways to improve governance of key issues of global concern. The High-level Advisory Board issued its recommendations on 18 April 2023, with a view to supporting Member State deliberations at the Summit of the Future.

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Photo: The High-Level Advisory Board on Effective Multilateralism, an independent advisory body formed by the UN Secretary-General in support of Our Common Agenda ©UNU/HLAB Secretariat