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Policy Briefs

In recent years, major global shocks and setbacks to progress on the Sustainable Development Goals have increasingly underscored our shared vulnerabilities. International cooperation is needed more than ever, yet our collective problem-solving mechanisms do not match the pace or scale of the challenges we face. Today’s complex, interconnected, and rapidly changing world requires a more effective multilateral system – with the United Nations at its core.

Cover of Our Common Agenda

Our Common Agenda is aimed at turbocharging the 2030 Agenda and making the Sustainable Development Goals real in the lives of people everywhere.

Because halfway to 2030, we are far off track."

Secretary-General António Guterres

At the invitation of Member States with the adoption of the UN75 Declaration, the Secretary-General issued Our Common Agenda in 2021, his vision for the future of international cooperation. One of the key objectives of this report is to tackle the obstacles and impediments to the 2030 Agenda, turbocharging action on the Sustainable Development Goals. It provides practical recommendations to fill gaps in global governance in order to take on emerging challenges.

Member States have rallied to take action across a number of areas. The Summit of the Future in 2024 is a critical opportunity to reaffirm and bolster shared principles, taking forward solutions to more effectively deliver for the people and planet. At the Summit, Member States have committed to adopting a Pact for the Future to cement collective agreements and to showcase global solidarity for current and future generations.

Our Common Agenda Policy Briefs by theme

At the invitation of Member States, the Secretary-General is now issuing a series of Policy Briefs to provide more detail on certain proposals contained in Our Common Agenda and to support them in their deliberations as they prepare for the Summit of the Future. These briefs will include an analysis of the proposals’ impact on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, and will be informed by the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, with gender equality as a cross-cutting theme.

* Available Policy Briefs are in PDF format.

Future Generations

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Emergency Platform

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Youth Engagement

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Beyond Gross Domestic Product

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Global Digital Compact

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Information Integrity

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Policy brief

International Financial Architecture

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Outer Space

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Towards a New Agenda for Peace

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Policy brief

Transforming Education

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Policy brief

United Nations 2.0

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Policy brief