ActNow messages from around the world

COP27: Act Now for a Net-Zero Future

At COP27, ActNow campaign supporters Ashley Lashley, Akufuna Muyunda, and Alex Armillotta demand urgent action from world leaders amid the worsening climate crisis.

Young people’s message to leaders at COP27

Youth activists Elizabeth Wathuti, Archana Soreng and Ewi Stephanie Lamma speak up for climate justice and action to tackle the growing impacts of climate change.

Lucas Di Grassi, UNEP Clean Air Advocate and Formula E Champion

Paying a visit to the UN Headquarters in New York City, Lucas Di Grassi discussed how a transition to electric mobility can lead to better air quality and a green future.

Joshua Rush, actor

Amid the worsening climate crisis, sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option, says actor Joshua Rush. He urges everyone to act now!

Japan: Osaki Town taking action for the environment and on climate change

No one can tackle the climate crisis alone – but we can do it together. Learn how the residents of Japanese town Osaki are taking action for the environment and on climate change.

Inspired by “Don’t Look Up”

Netflix Film teamed up with the United Nations to host this engaging conversation on the urgent need for climate action and what you can do to help make a difference.

Ronnie Jones, singer

Music can help us create a more sustainable world. Musician Ronnie Jones emphasizes the power of individual action through his song “Miracle”.

Marissa and Shanna, YouTube influencers

Climate activists, Marissa and Shanna, share their climate conscious tips like driving less and bringing your own tote bag – small actions that can make a big impact.

Connor Franta, author

Connor Franta talks about taking climate action and eating more plant-based meals.

Ella Gross, actress

Actress Ella Gross invites you to join the ActNow movement! Now is a great time to start.

Fashion Challenge by Naja Saade

Naja Saade supports the ActNow fashion challenge.

Jonas Astrup, chef

Let leading chefs inspire you with recipes that are not only delicious but also good for the planet!

Sustainable Fashion Life Hacks! - with Marissa & Shanna

These are some sustainable fashion life hacks and little hacks you can do to reduce your environmental impact and still be fashionable!

Aidan Gallahger, Actor and UNEP Goodwill Ambassador

Actor and UNEP Goodwill Ambassador Aidan Gallagher talks about the importance of eating plant-based meals.

Grace Ramirez, chef

Famous chef Grace Ramirez talks about being sustainable in all parts of your life, and shares her tips on how to be climate conscious.

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