Meeting for Peace Promotion Activity with Sajid Hashmi.
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Welcome TO Integrated Community Development Initiatives (ICDI)

Integrated Community Development Initiatives (ICDI) founded in December 2005. To undertake various projects with the aim to work for the welfare and benefit of poor communities living in rural & Urban areas, of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa so as to improve their overall living condition and quality of life.

More About Us

ICDI also works to helps women, children and the community at large, by applying a two-way approach providing healthcare and educational opportunities to help under privileged communities obtain great socio-economic access and thereby building stronger communities. We need your support to continue to bring our services to those whom we reach out to everyday. Its Program Coordination Office is based in Peshawar. Institutional donors of ICDI are Action Aid, MISEREOR (CHIP), Shirkat Gah, Christian Study Center (CSC). All the projects are based on the principles of community participation and activities largely revolve around community awareness on several issues; ensuring participation through involving the devolved structure, school teachers’ training in child-to-child approach for promotion of awareness in social sector.

We Work With

ICDI works with a mandate that include the following:

  • Community Development
  • Primary and Reproductive Health
  • Child Protection
  • Nutrition
  • Gender Based Violence (GBV)
  • Peace and Interfaith Harmony
  • Composite Heritage
  • Emergency Relief and Disaster Management
  • Drinking Water Supply, Environmental and sanitation Education

We envision a society with all socio-economic privileges and human development for every stakeholder, leading to prosperity with protection and promotion of all the civil, social and cultural rights for all, especially women and youth.


An environment opens for development opportunities for all, without any discrimination to caste, creed and distinction of gender.


•   Respect for human dignity

•   Efficiency

•   Co operation

•   Accountability and Transparency

•   Trust and Commitment

•   Creativity and Equity

•   Effectiveness

  • To promote building of civil society organizations to develop pool of technical human resources at all levels for collective and self sustaining initiatives.
  • To contribute in sustainable community based gender sensitive development by empowering communities, especially women segment of the society.
  • To enable the poor and underprivileged women & girls to play their vital role in improving the socio-economic conditions in the area of interventions.
  • Cross Cutting Themes
  • Gender equality
  • Child and youth rights
  • Inter-Faith Harmony
  • Stakeholder participation
  • Advocacy, Networking and linkages
  • Sustainability

Housing And Wash Support

ICDI with a goal to reduce vulnerability of….

Women Strenghteing & Empowerment

One of the ICDI’s main objective is……

Working Sectors of ICDI

ICDI with the support of Action Aid

Activities With Isis, WICCE

Isis-Women’s International….