I am thankful to the Almighty God that He has provided me with an opportunity to serve and uplift the unprivileged members of the society and to provide a platform, to make local communities to identify their basic problems, so they would be able to play their role in building a strong nation. Presence of injustice and discrimination in our social system has made me to take this pain to put all my efforts and energies to find and help people who have right to enjoy good health and quality life, but are been forced to live in miseries. I am thankful to the ICDI team, Volunteers and all my fellows who have encouraged and facilitated me to practically achieve the mission. The purpose of forming ICDI is to create opportunities and enabling environment for socio-political and economic change through promoting health, education, livelihood facilities and gender and human equality by the proper utilization of locally available resources with the informed and active participation of communities and other civil society organizations.

Your valuable suggestions or comments will be helpful for us to serve the humanity in more effective way. God may help and guide us to serve the humanity as He desires. God may prevail peace on earth.