About Us

Integrated Community Development Initiatives (ICDI) founded in December 2005. To undertake various projects with the aim to work for the welfare and benefit of poor communities living in rural & Urban areas, of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa so as to improve their overall living condition and quality of life.

ICDI also works to help women, children and the community at large, by applying a two-way approach providing healthcare and educational opportunities to help under privileged communities obtain great socio-economic access and thereby building stronger communities. We need your support to continue to bring our services to those whom we reach out to everyday. Its Program Coordination Office is based in Peshawar. Institutional donors of ICDI are Action Aid, MISEREOR (CHIP), Shirkat Gah, Christian Study Center (CSC). All the projects are based on the principles of community participation and activities largely revolve around community awareness on several issues; ensuring participation through involving the devolved structure, school teachers’ training in child-to-child approach for promotion of awareness in social sector.

Core Staff

The level of management comprises Executive Director, Project Managers and Team Leaders who provide overall technical assistance and guidance to the field team to facilitate them in the quantitative and qualitative achievements of program objectives at the field level.

Executive Directors Message

I am thankful to the Almighty God that He has provided me with an opportunity to serve and uplift the unprivileged members of the society and to provide a platform, to make local communities to identify their basic problems, so they would be able to play their role in building a strong nation….

Board of Governor

7 members BoG representing private sector, communities and academia and mainly entrusted with policy level functions with need based support to ICDI management in implementing its aims and objectives.