Activities Under MDGs 2015

Supported by G-CAP, Pakistan.     2008 – 2010

The Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP) is a growing worldwide alliance consisting of national coalitions (or platforms) of campaigns to end poverty. It is involved with some 38 million people in actions in 2005 in over 75 countries and 23 million people in 2006 in over 85 countries.

In 2009, ICDI signed a MoU with GCAP – Pakistan to enhance its actions and organized following Activities/ Events:

  • Meetings with important Stakeholders;
  • Conferences;
  • Consultation meeting at provincial level;
  • Consultation meeting on MDGs (Shadow Report);
  • Press Briefing;
  • Distribution of material (Printed);
  • Walk/ Rally;
  • Focus group Discussion with Women (Rural & Urban).

These event/ activities are one of the thousands being held around the worlds as part of “ Stand Up, Take action, End poverty Now, citizens across the globe are demanding that world leaders keep the promises they made in the year 2000 to achieve the millennium development goals . The goals are set of 8 benchmarks to:

i. Eradicate extreme poverty;

ii. Achieve universal primary education;

iii. Promote gender equality & empower women;

iv. Reduce child mortality;

v. Improve maternal health;

vi. Combat major diseases;

vii. Ensure environmental sustainability;

viii. Develop a global partnership for development by the year.

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