Activities With Isis, WICCE

Supported by Isis. WICCE.    Nov 2012 – Feb 2013

Isis-Women’s International Cross Cultural Exchange (Isis–WICCE) is a global feminist action oriented organization, founded in 1974 in Geneva Switzerland.
The first phase of its institute was held in November 2011 with a Theme: “Strengthening Women’s Potential in Leadership and Peace Building”
First Phase (14-30 Nov 2011):
-Feminist Approaches to Conflict
-Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights
-Research Methods and Documentation of Women’s Realities
After the 1st phase ICDI & Blue Veins in support with “Isis. WICCE” carried out a “Research study on Impact of Climate
Change/ Floods on Women’s life in KPK”; depicting problems and issues faced by women and girls during and after the
floods and focusing their short and long term needs.
Women and girls are more vulnerable during disasters and marginalized in their access to relief resources. Women
constitute majority of flood/ disaster victims and yet they are excluded from participation in disaster relief and their
voices silenced resulting in violation of rights at large.
The report was presented at the 2nd phase of Isis. WICCE international conference in July 2012 at Uganda. After reviewing the report Isis. WICCE is supporting ICDI and Blue Vein to start inventions for the rehabilitation of Flood affected Women and Girls in District Charsadda and Nowshera KPK.
This project will focus on the capacity building of women and girls; thus session on Disaster Risk Reduction and Disaster Management will be organized and Women Disaster Management Committee will be formed for the sustainability of the project.

The final report of the activity was presented to the Isis. WICCE representatives in April 2013, at Kathmandu, Nepal.

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