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The United Nations provides summaries of its meetings and events, in addition to press releases, news, and features. We offer live-feeds for broadcasters and live-coverage on our streaming channel, YouTube channel, and on various social media outlets.

Our feature programmes, including interviews, special videos, and documentaries, can be viewed online.

Find the latest stories and radio programmes in the 6-official languages plus Hindi, Kiswahili, and Portuguese. If you are interested in the history of the UN, the Audiovisual Library has archived content from the 1920s to the present. UN Photo also has archival, as well as current pictures. If you are on the go, our News app and our Audio app are available for free download on iOS and Android devices.


Nzambi Matee, Young Champion of the Earth 2020 — UNEP's Young Champions of the Earth prize honors outstanding environmental leaders from the public and private sectors. UN YouTube Channel.

UN Meetings and Events

The medias covering meetings during a Session of the Human Rights Council.

The media during the 25th Session of the Human Rights Council ©UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferré

The UN Journal has a list of today’s and forthcoming meetings at UN Headquarters. Also available are daily lists of meetings taking place at UN offices around the world, documents, media alerts, press conferences, noon briefings, and more.

Meetings Coverage

Read same-day summaries of official meetings, conferences, and events at UN Headquarters and overseas. Press releases are available from various bodies and departments.

Broadcast Feeds

Live broadcast quality feeds are available for broadcasters; fiber connection to New York video hubs (Encompass and The Switch) with embedded audio in 8 channels. Usage fees apply.

UN News

Secretary-General speaks into a microphone surrounded by men in military uniform and others.

Secretary-General António Guterres speaks with journalists in Mali ©UN Photo/Marco Dormino

The UN Department of Global Communications tells the United Nations story across multiple platforms, digital and traditional, to build support for the aims and work of the Organization. Through our global operations and offices in 60 countries, we reach millions of people with trusted, objective information and an inclusive message that enables the public, civil society, private sector, and Member States to engage in our work.

Communicating in more than 80 languages, the Department embodies our principle of multilingualism.


Daily news updates, features, photo essays, thematic focus pages, and interviews with UN officials and advocates who have lent their voice to UN causes.



In addition to live and on-demand video-clips of meetings, events, and conferences from UN WebTV, there are features and stories on important global issues.



UN audio programmes, news stories, and interviews with key UN officials. Our hit UN News podcast "UNComplicated" gives you a unique perspective on the work of the Organization and the views of UN experts on important subjects. Our award-winning "Awake at Night" podcast gives an intimate and personal peek into the lives of UN staff who are striving to make a difference around the globe.



For media outlets and other content providers, we offer partnership opportunities. Everyone is also invited to engage with us via our various social media platforms.


UN Photo

UN Photo covers the Organization's work in the field and at Headquarters. The latest photos taken by UN photographers around the world, as well as archival ones, are available for high-resolution download by registering at the website. This includes photos of the Secretary-General, Security Council and General Assembly meetings, UN peacekeeping missions and historical photos, to name a few.

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Sea lions rest on a small patch of ice.

Sea lions at Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon - southeast Iceland ©UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe


Secretary-General António Guterres and a nurse are wearing masks and both give the victory sign inside a medical setting.

Secretary-General António Guterres gets vaccinated against COVID-19 at Adlai Stevenson High School in the Bronx - New York ©UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe


UN tour guide dressed in uniform stands inside UNHQ building and behind her is a repeat reflection of her image.

Helin Argav, a UN tour guide from Germany, describes for visitors posters created by Brazilian artist Otavio Roth ©UN Photo/Manuel Elías


A row of hands are seen typing into laptops

A 106-year-old woman sits in front of her home guarding it with a rifle in Degh village - southern Armenia ©UN Photo/Armineh Johannes


A James Bond style photo of a man walking through a multicolored sculpture that resembles a camera's aperture.

An sculpture by Alan Parkinson at UNOG is designed to challenge communities to think more creatively about how to make the work of the Human Rights Council better understood and applied around the world ©UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferré


A man and his son stand next to the sculpture of a gun with a knotted barrel taking pictures.

Olumuyiwa Ogunbamow and his son Adefie (5), visiting from Nigeria, take photos in front of the “Non-Violence” sculpture ©UN Photo/Kim Haughton


Profile photo of Grand Chief Wilton Littlechild, a Cree Chief from Canada, in his traditional head-dress.

Grand Chief Wilton Littlechild, a Cree Chief from Canada, makes a ceremonial call to order ©UN Photo/Kim Haughton


Two young men are photographed as one speaks into a microphone.

A member of the band BTS (Bangtan Boys) from the Republic of Korea, speaks the high-level event on Youth2030 ©UN Photo/Mark Garten


Emma Watson at the podium.

Emma Watson (British Actor and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador) co-hosts a special event organized by UN Women in support of their HeForShe campaign ©UN Photo/Mark Garten


UN Archive

Interested in the history of the UN? The UN Audiovisual Library has archived audio and video content from the 1920s to the present. There you can also hear the history of the Organization dating back to its founding in 1945. Many audio and video categories contain historical UN moments. You can even see the history of the UN’s predecessor, the League of Nations.